Solika and Yamin Shriki

Testimony of the brother Yishai Shriki:

My parents Solika and Yamin Shriki immigrated from Morocco in the 1950s. A young couple with an elder daughter who all stayed in the Mahseya transit camp near Beit Shemesh. After a few months, their daughter Tamar did not feel well. My father, the late Yamin, took her to Hadassah Hospital and a few hours later they told him she had died. According to my mother they showed her a body but without showing the face. My mother had a constant feeling that her child was disappeared but she kept it to herself, until a few years ago when she said what was on her mind.

In recent years, an index from the Malben-Be'er Ya'akov Hospital has been uploaded to the State Archives.
We found there a registration of my father's details for the dates June 13, 1956-June 24, 1956, when the girl died according to the death certificate in March 1956!
Link to the (Hebrew) index of a hospital from Malben in the State Archives (Yamin Shriki appears on page 83, one line before the last) -