On June 21, 2013, Rabbi Uzi Meshulam passed away. He had fought for the recognition and investigation of the Affair of the Children from Yemen, the Balkans and the East. Rabbi Meshulam paid a heavy price for his struggle, but he succeeded in bringing about the establishment of an official committee to investigate the issue. He brought difficult questions regarding the kidnapping of children of Yemenite and many other immigrants close to the heart of the consensus. Many researchers followed him and gradually discovered innumerable tragedies, silenced voices, families who were left with an open, unresolved wound.

The Amram Association has decided to regularly mark the day of his death as a day of awareness of the Affair of the Children from Yemen, the Balkans and the East, and to hold in as many as possible locations events with lectures, discussion and testimonies on the subject, until the day the Affair is officially recognized. In recent years we have been joined by many organizations, including Shaharit, the Isha L’Isha Center in Haifa, the Carousela Café in Jerusalem, Beit Achoti in Tel Aviv, Mizrahi student clubs at the universities, and Physicians for Human Rights.

Another decision we made was to turn the many testimonies into an archive which will be accessible, live, and open to the general public. The archive aims to enable anyone to become aware of the Affair and of the testimonies that have been silenced until now, and to do this directly, without establishment mediation. We hope this archive will assist the families and the kidnapped persons to locate their loved ones. We also believe that only through making the testimonies public, and through public pressure, will we reach recognition of the wrong that was done unto the victims. You are welcome to contact us directly, by email or by phone, in order for us to document your testimony.

Naama Katiee

Holds a master’s degree in Humanities from Tel Aviv University, works in high tech, Mizrahi feminist, has published in Haaretz and Haokets. She is a resident of Haifa

Maayan Nahari

Mizrahi feminist, MA student in History. She is a resident of Raanana

Shlomi Hatuka

Poet and social activist, math teacher, has published in Maayan, Haokets and Haaretz.

Tom Mehager

Spokesperson of the Adalah Legal Center, holds a master’s degree in Political Science from Tel Aviv University, and has published in Haokets. He is a resident of Tel Aviv.

Racheli Said

Mizrahi feminist, educator, editor and translator. Has published in Haokets and other venues

Tom Pessah

Social activist, sociologist, resident of Tel Aviv.

Yosef Cohen

Aged 32, married to Ilanit, father of Noam, Amit and Ofek, Director of the Kiryat Malachi Youth Center, MA student in Political Science

Rotem Cohen Soaye

Social activist, graphic designer, graduate of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, works on local and political design

Shiraz Greenbaum

Photographer in the ActiveStills collective and photo editor

Yotam Ronen

Photographer in the ActiveStills collective and in the Walla! news site.

Oren Ziv

Photographer in the ActiveStills collective and international news sites