Salama and Binyamin Uzeri

The Uzeri family arrived in Israel in the year 1949: the father Benjamin, the mother Salama (whose name was changed in Israel to Shulamith) and the eldest daughter Rumia (changed to Reumah). Two or three weeks after they immigrated, Salama gave birth in Ein Shemer to the first son, Ben Ami, who was taken from her after the birth. After long months and debate in court she succeeded in having him returned.

A year later, she gave birth again. Again in Ein Shemer, but this time the baby did not return to her. She was notified that he had died and there was no body.

In one of the forms that was found in the family's possession, an organized table appears:

Salama (the mother) – 22 years-old

Rumia (the eldest daughter) – two-years-old

Ben-Ami – son, one-year-old

Abraham - “new: to give”

They told me after the delivery that they are taking him because I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t have milk, but I had lots of milk, like water!