David and Juliet (Habu) Haddad

Hello, my name is Ilana and I am the daughter of the late Juliet and David Haddad and I want to get our story out. We are hoping for a miracle.

My parents emigrated from Iraq in ‘51 and they were put straight in the transit camp in tents in Tel Mond. They had seven children. The eldest died at the age of five and he was given a burial.

Next came my sister Leah who is now 63 years old. After a year and a half or two years, my brother Yitzhak was born in a hospital in Kfar Sava. A year later, my parents moved to Salame, Kfar Shalem in Tel Aviv. When he was about a year old and still not walking, just crawling, he got a fever. Mother, who had no money, knocked on the doors of all the neighbours for someone to help her get to the doctor. That night, my mother arrived with Yitzhak to Hadassah hospital in Tel Aviv. She stayed with him until late at night, but they asked the parents to leave the hospital and come back in the morning. At that time they did not let the family stay with the patient in the hospital.

Mother left the hospital knowing that at dawn she would go to the hospital to be with Yitzhak. With option of taking public transportation, it was a walk of several kilometres to get to the hospital. And so it was in the morning when my mother arrived, and a doctor came and told her that Yitzhak had had an operation and died during it. Mother returned home and sent father and a friend to make the arrangements for the burial and when they arrived they were told there was no need – Yitzhak was buried together with an adult.

At that time people were naive and illiterate, living was hard, and there was not enough work. They believed what they were told.

Today when we the children and grandchildren and great grandchildren sit and hear the story once again, we believe that Yitzhak did not die but was stolen and that the authorities knew about it and cooperated.

I'm writing to you Yitzhak. Maybe you look like Mother or Father. If you recognize something and you feel a small doubt, please take a little blood test, close the circle. Now, you must be today 61 or 62 years old.

I Hope that this story will reach you Yitzhak and one morning you will come and tell Mother, “I am Yitzhak I was looking for you all these years.”

I hope and expect to see you soon.

Yours, Ilana.