Adopted child (1954)

Not much is known about the child in the photo. He was born in 1954 and is not the biological child of the parents he grew up with. However, he doesn’t have an adoption file, as in we can clearly say that he was abducted from the State of Israel and taken out of it.

He was abducted by a childless couple who took him to Europe - there he was registered in the mother’s passport as her son - from there he was taken to a country in the Americas. His adoptive father was well known and connected with high placed officials who helped in this deed.

His adoptive father died before having had the chance to speak with him about it and his mother chose to stay mum to her last day.

His DNA is with the Amram association and anyone wishing to see if they match are welcome to turn to us.

Male, probably born in 1954 and kidnapped from Donnolo hospital, Jaffa. Pale skin.

The attached pictures are from his childhood with the parents who bought him.