Zvi Amiri

Zvi Amiri found out that he was adopted at a late age. After many efforts, he was able to locate his biological family. It turned out that Zvi was born to the Bitton family (Bitan), a couple of immigrants from Tunisia, who at the time were placed in a transit camp in the north of Israel.

The mother (Mrs Bitton) gave birth prematurely at Rambam Hospital in Haifa, and was told to leave the baby for supervision. When she returned to the hospital, she was told that the infant did not make it and he died.

In fact, it turned out he was delivered to a foster home in Haifa, and subsequently transferred to a barren couple in a kibbutz of the Hashomer Hatzair movement.

For many years his adoptive parents kept the adoption secret. When he finally found his biological family, Amiri discovered that they suffered many tragedies - all of which actually began with his disappearance.

It also turned out that his mother had complained to her immediate surroundings that the child had been fraudulently taken from her, and that she had signed documents she did not understand. The mother even approached an Amidar official in the area for help in locating her son. In spite of these testimonies of the mother and her kin, an adoption notice regarding "Zvi Bitton" was published in the newspaper Al Hamishmar in August 1954.

Amiri claims that his identity was known to the relief organizations, and that they could have easily located his parents, had they wished to.

The case was presented by Adv. Rami Tsuberi in his Hebrew book "In the Footsteps of My Lost Brothers". A Hebrew interview from 2016 with Zvi Amiri can be found here http://www.maariv.co.il/news/israel/Article-552344