Shalom and Braha Gerafi

Testimony from Meir’s sister, Yemima:

My father died three years ago and my mother two years ago. They could not stop talking about my older brother Meir.

My parents emigrated from Yemen in 1948 and arrived directly at Ein Shemer and then moved to Pardes Hanna in about ’55. My mother gave birth to my brother Meir in Hadera and he was immediately taken to Afula. They told my mother that he needed to grow and gain strength—he wasn’t even circumcised. My father would visit him once a week.

After about two months, my father was told to come and get Meir, as he was healthy. My father prepared sheep or goat for slaughter (I don’t remember exactly) and drove to Afula to get him. When my father arrived he was told Meir had died. He was not allowed to see the body or a burial certificate.