Rivka and Josef Zvi

The names of my parents are Rivka and Josef Zvi, may their memory be a blessing. My mother was born in Turkey and my father was born in Bulgaria.

My mother arrived accompanied by my father to give birth when she was seven-months pregnant, to the Hakirya hospital. The baby was born prematurely, weighing very little so they put her in an incubator. She stayed there for about two months until she put on some weight. My mother says that she was a lively baby. One day, my mother went to visit the baby, but the doctor gave her a sign that the baby is no longer alive. The medical staff did not allow my mother and father to see the baby. They have received no document from the hospital indicating her death and no death certificate. My mother, who was in a poor physical and mental state, did not have the strength to deal with the matter and so did not suspect that someone would have kidnap her baby. She trusted the medical staff. She thought they were protecting her. Over the years, she wished she had insisted on seeing the baby.

Now, when the issue has come to public attention again she asked me to find out information on the matter because she thinks the baby was taken from her.

I would be grateful for your help,

Sarit Lev Ari