Moshe Bachar

Moshe Bachar was born to Yemeni parents at the end of 1951 and was interviewed on the subject in 1994. Shosh Madmoni, then a journalist for “Shishi” [magazine] reported his story: “According to the documents at his disposal, he [Bachar] was transferred to WIZO in 1953 and was adopted from there by Haim and Pini Bachar, a couple of immigrants from Turkey. The birth certificate he has was only issued in 1956, with his new name and the names of his adoptive parents. He has never received his original birth certificate.”

He grew up in Haifa and was never told by his parents that he was adopted until he became aware of the physical differences between them. He was certain that he was Yemeni based on his appearance. His parents told him that his biological parents had died, but when he opened his adoption file, he found that he had stayed in WIZO for two years and that his parents were alive, and he learned many more details about them. Among other facts, he found out that his mother had given birth to him outside of marriage. He heard everything in person and was not even allowed to see the adoption file. Despite a laborious investigation, those details have led to nothing and he eventually received a letter in these words: “Every inquiry we have made since your visit has failed. We have no serious trace that would allow us to locate and identify the mother.”