Jahiya and Peretz Amar

The story of the father of Tzion Amar:

He was born in 1949 in Marseille, at Kondlinas immigrant camp. His parents had arrived from Djerba, Tunisia, and they were waiting for their turn to immigrate to Israel.

A few days after his brit milah [circumcision ceremony,] a nurse from the clinic in the camp came to his parents’s tent and asked to take him for an examination.

My grandmother, Jahiya Amar, a naive young woman having given birth for the first time, believed them and handed him over to them.

When my grandfather, Peretz Amar, returned home and realized that the baby was taken, he ran to the clinic and there he was told that he had died. My grandfather insisted, shouted, screamed, and made threats, and went wild. He burst into rooms searching for his baby until he found him!

It turned out that other babies were kidnapped at that camp.