Jackie and Suzan

Suzan and Yitsḥak immigrated to Israel from Morocco in 1962. On August 6th, 1963, Suzan gave birth to their second child at Biqur Ḥolim hospital, Jerusalem. According to documents found in the archive, the birth process went as expected, and the baby was born in good health. On the first and second days after the birth, the baby was brought to the mother’s room to be breastfed. However, from the third day (August 9th, 1963), the baby was no longer brought to the mother as, according to the hospital, he was treated in the hospital nursery.

Even as the mother begged, the hospital refused to explain their refusal to bring the baby to her. During the day, the entire hospital staff ignored her.

When the mother began to cry and demand to see her son, she was moved to a separate room where she was injected with a material that made her hazy and physically weak. While she was hazy, the mother was told that her son had died due to a medical problem.

The parents were told that they were still young and were sent home. Before leaving, the hospital asked them to pay for their son’s circumcision, which apparently had taken place before he was buried, and they paid.

According to the records, the child died on the 9th of august, 1963, on the fourth day after the birth. In the file, there are no details regarding the burial or which chevra kadisha dealt with it, not to mention any information regarding the mother’s mental state until her dismissal.

The parents and the family believe there is no truth in the claim that the baby died. If anyone still alive is carrying the dark secrets of the bureaucracy, you must tell the truth! to confess and shed light on the great injustice that was done to many parents, some of whom are no longer with us.