Yitzhak Baruchi

My grandparents, Rachel and Moshe Baruchi, made Aliyah from Persia on January 24, 1950, together with their children: Sarah, Meir, Avraham, Asher and also Yitzhak, who was born at 1950.

All of the family was insured in an HMO under file 83911.

In the middle of 1952, Yitzhak was sick and was taken to Rambam Hospital in Haifa. The parents requested to return home with the child after the treatment, but they were told they need to leave him for treatment and observation. When they returned the next day they were told that he died, that he had been buried and that should go home to take care of their children. Of course, they asked for a death certificate or any kind of document and they did not receive anything.

Yitzhak received his draft order in mail, and so my grandmother waited until the day she died, hoping that the next knock on the door will be Yitzhak's, that he will come in and say “here, I’m back.”

Many years ago we spoke with a representative of Rambam Hospital and we asked if we could receive details or documents on Yitzhak. In the first time they said there was a flood and all the documents were written in ink and now they're unintelligible and in another time, another representative told us that there was a fire and therefore there are no records of these days.

For a long time his elder brothers denied that they had a brother, from the shame and the pain that they couldn't protect him.

On the left side of the attached picture, Yitzhak is one the sitting on my grandmother's knees.

My grandmother waited until her very last day, hoping that the next knock on the door would be Yitzhak's, that he would come in and say “here, I’m back.”

For a long time his elder brothers repressed the thought that they had a brother because of the shame and the pain they felt for failing to protect him.