Unnamed son of Yaakuta and Meir Cohen

My date of birth is December 21, 1953. I was born with my twin brother in Afula Hospital to parents who immigrated from Tunisia, their names were Yaakuta and Meir Cohen r.i.p. We lived in the village of Yavne'el. My mother went into labor, and she went to Tiberias to the Scottish hospital - where she was told she had twins and was urgently taken to the hospital in Afula. After the birth, the hospital staff informed her that one of the babies had died and the daughter remained alive. And that's me.

Five years ago, my bag was stolen along with my ID card. I went to the Ministry of Interior to issue a new one and I was told that I was not on the registrar of residents. I wondered how that could be, I got married, I have children, I have granddaughters. Thank God.
About two and a half years ago, I was in their office again, I wanted to change my mother's Hebrew name to her Arabname, from Margalit to Yaakuta, and again there was a problem with the registrar. When I told them that I was a twin and that my brother had died at birth they raised an eyebrow, checked, and after a long time they told me that my brother was alive because there was no death certificate

...Take a private investigator ... it's better... so they said.

Since then my life has become increasingly sad. I felt I had to find my other half. I went to the hospital in Afula and they said the entire archive had burned down. I contacted a lawyer who specializes in representing the kidnappings of Yemeni (Jewish) children and he told me there was no way to find my brother, and that it is very complicated. I started to look for relatives on Facebook and someone volunteered to help… I tried through Facebook to get help and someone wrote to me that only in 2066 the State will open the adoption files, but we will be in the next world by then.

We did not know that I was part of the big story of the abduction of Yemeni, Mizrahi and Balkan children.
I am asking for any help I can get, so I can meet my twin brother. I'm sure he has a family and has his own parents ... which he is sure are his.
I contacted Knesset members and they said that this issue is sensitive and that they do not deal with it.
Wherever I tell my story, I am blocked. I hope not to despair....

When I told them I was a twin and my brother died at birth they raised an eyebrow, they checked, and after a long time they said my brother was alive because there was no death certificate to be found.