Eliyahu and Simcha Crispin

We are the Krispin family from Yerucham.

In 1954, we emigrated from Casablanca, Morocco - two parents and six children. Four additional children were born in Israel in 1955, 1956 and 1958 - all healthy, with an average weight of four kg. The baby who was born in 1958 at Hadassah Hospital in the Old City of Be'er Sheva was a healthy boy of a good weight and no complications during the birth. Immediately after he was born, on the first day he was brought to mother to be breastfed. On the second day, she was told that the baby had died! Without an explanation, without a body or a death certificate. My parents returned home empty-handed, sad and in pain, believing that was God’s will.

After a year and a half, in 1960, our little brother Shlomo was born - thank God - healthy as other babies. Throughout the years we did not talk about it at home and the subject never came up. In 1977, we went through a serious shock when we lost our late brother David during his military service when he was 21 years old. Our family is recognized as a bereaved family and life became more painful. Nevertheless, we always lived with the thought that we might have a brother somewhere, but we did not want to hurt our parents any further so we never opened the subject! Until this moment, now that the issue is again in the headlines, with stories and testimonies about kidnapped children and infants. We decided to break the silence and tell our own painful story, to ask questions that our parents did not ask.

None of the staff members, the doctor, the nurse or the social worker at the hospital explained or contacted our mother and father to speak of the horror that happened to them. What we are dealing with here is an unsolved mystery, an attempt to silence a horrific event. What our parents failed to ask, if only to see their son one last time and make sure that he really died as they have been told, now we are asking on their behalf: To know more, to obtain a death certificate, to understand why [the authorities] kept silent and ignored them. If our brother is still alive we wish to find him in any way possible.

We thank you very much for continuing this painful and frustrating investigation. The Krispin family - the late Eliyahu and Simcha, and the siblings, may they live a long life.