Dalia Maslawi

Our whole family emigrated from Iraq in 1950, when I was a three months old. At first, we lived in tents in Be’er Sheva and then we moved to the huts in the transit camp in Ramle. In 1954 – I was four when we lived in Ramle transit camp – two men of German origin wearing ties, suits, hats and carrying a suitcase entered the yard of the house. I sat in the yard and played with a sock filled with coins. They simply took me with them for quite a way until the neighbour saw and shouted to my mother Nazima ... This did not happen just once. The second kidnapping attempt was near Sinai School in Ramle – a European-looking man in a tie and black suit took me, and sat me on his lap and gave me chocolate. Again, after a short time, the neighbours saw me and called for my mother.