Zippora and Mordecai Yerushalmi

Zippora and Mordechai Yerushalmi, who immigrated from Iran, were told in the hospital that the baby they had admitted, had died. However, in hospitalization documents that were revealed to the family recently, it is clearly written that: "The girl is leaving the ward in a good condition." In an additional attached letter, the hospital admits that there are no death documents (attached photo)And according to State records the girl left the country in '63. For decades, the parents were heart broken because of the event. Since then, they passed away, and two of their children - Avi and Miriam - have been trying to get relief from the State, but their request that the disappearance of their sister be investigated is not answered. It should be noted that there are numerous complaints to Rambam Hospital concerning the disappearance of children. "How long do we have to suffer?" Miriam said sadly, "Until when?”