Zina and Haim Golobchick

Hello friends…My name is Ruhama and I want to tell you the life story of my brother, Avraham. My parents made Aliyah in 1948 with a baby. They were transferred to an Olim (immigrant) camp in Pardes Hanna. After a few days, my brother began having diarrhea and my parents were referred to the local clinic. When his condition did not improve within a few hours, they ‘did them a favor’ and referred them to the hospital. The following day they were told “the child feels better, go get him some clothes.” The moment they arrived at the camp they were called on the loudspeakers to come to the office and that’s where they were informed they need to go back to the hospital because the child passed away!!! My parents of course rushed to the hospital, and without speaking the language they of course didn’t see anything,. They told my parents to get to the Nahalat Yitzhak cemetery in Givatayim where someone held a box and told them it cannot be opened because that’s how they bury, and that there is no need to sit Shiva - the child was a one year old! We searched and inquired many times already, but unfortunately there have been noanswers for our particular case. I am happy to share photos. My father, may he rest in peace, passed away feeling that his son was a “victim’’. My mother, bless her, is 91 and is still living with the feeling that her son is among the living.

Thank you for the efforts and we are hopeful that they will fall on listening ears.