Hamama and Salem Arusi

My parents emigrated from Yemen, I was one year and three months old. My brother Zion was born in the British hospital in Aden, Yemen. He received a British birth certificate.

On the 09.22.1949 we immigrated to Israel, to the Ein Shemer transit camp. We got a tent with several other families and relatives. Zion was in the nursery and mother went to breast-feed him three times a day. One day my grandfather came from another transit camp in Rosh Ha’ayin, and asked to see the baby in order to circumcise him. Mother went to nurse him at night and told the nurses she wanted to take him the next morning to circumcise him. The child was healthy, full, plump, smiling. He was already a month and a half old. Mother came in the morning and they told her he was dead. Mother raged and they gave her a bus ticket so she can go to Pardes Hanna to look for him. They told her that he is not there and to search for him in Rambam.

To her death, she had not forgotten Zion.

Shoshana (Formely Sham’a) Zioni