Yocheved and Shalom Hayoun

Our mother always told us we have another older sister. She said it happened before her and our father got married. Mother hid her pregnancy from her Yemenite family. She had a baby girl at the Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv while presenting herself with a different name, out of fear, even though they got married after.

After she had the baby, she went out from the hospital to call my father at his army service. He told her let’s hurry, take the girl, and get married. When they arrived at the Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv they were told “there is no girl” and shooed out. But the girl was completely fine. “Nothing” they were told and got were booted out: “go away!”. My mother cried but they had nothing to do. My parents got married immediately afterwards.

I went to the hospital’s archive and found the name and the date and I saw there was an line below the name. I didn’t get explanations about this.


Update – in 2018 a DNA test revealed that Yocheved Hayoun’s daughter is Varda Fux