Yihia Yehuda and Razel Tzabari

I immigrated as a young girl at the age of four. The [kidnapped] girl was named Sarah, she was about one year and eight months old. Sarah was suffering from diarrhea and was taken to the clinic at the Hashed Transit Camp [in Aden, Yemen]. When my parents came the next day, they were told that she had died, that there was no body and that they had already buried her.

One of my brothers here [in Israel]: They wanted to take him to the hospital and again [my mother] was told that the son - Itzhak - had disappeared. She started a commotion, yelling and screaming, until they gave her her son back, she had told me. This happened at the immigrant town Rosh Ha’Ayin.

Mother never got over the fact that Sarah disappeared. She mourned Sarah and the fact that she had done nothing. She carried feelings of guilt for getting on the plane without her. My mother died in 2014 and my father in 1989. Because of this incident they were always very withdrawn.

Na’ama Avidan Tzabari