Yehi’a and Aisha Shitrit

Sarah Shitrit was born in early 1951, the youngest of eleven siblings, to grandfather Yihya and grandmother Aisha. At that time, they lived in tin shacks in which they were housed in Tiberias. They recall that she was a pretty baby, smiley, sweet, fair-skinned and dark-haired. On one Saturday during April 1952, Sarah became ill with diarrhea and was brought to Ha’emek Hospital in Afula. The medical team said she must stay there overnight. On Sunday evening, the day afterwards, grandfather Yihya came to get her and they [the staff] claimed that the child had died. The body was not seen and they did not receive a death certificate or anything else. At a later point, the family received a letter that asked Yihya to register his daughter Sarah to the first grade or he will be arrested, in accordance with the compulsory education law. At this point, Yihya went to the Ministry of Interior to sign for the death of the daughter. Following rumors around the affair of the kidnapped Yemenite children, and a few years after my grandfather's death, the family began to understand the situation. The case has never been reported because of pain and repression.