Yehuda Mizrahi

I am a 73 years old and of Persian origin. My mother was born in Petah Tikva, Israel, and my father was an immigrant. They are no longer alive. My mother was abandoned and grew up in an orphanage. After giving birth to my older sister Sarah, of blessed memory, they had another child, a boy. He was taken to the Dajani hospital in Jaffa. My mother came with my sister Sarah to visit him and everything was fine. The second time they came to visit they were told he had died. Father, who was a very religious person, asked for his body and to sit shiva, and was told there is nothing.

They were hard-working people, fighting for their lives. They had no time, and no money, and they did not have the means to shout and hire lawyers. All their lives they lived in the shadow of this story and in so much pain. There are not many details. It is believed that his name was Yehuda. We have no clue, but the pain has remained there. Mother was introverted and did not speak, while father was crying about this child. Every day until the day she died she said, "Where is the child? where the child?" I heard the story after the fact. He should be around 80 years old today.

Another brother of ours, Nissim, died later, Nissim. We were told he swallowed a stone, we do not know.

Siblings: Sarah, of blessed memory, Yehuda (kidnapped), Nissim, of blessed memory, Esther, of blessed memory, Rachel, of blessed memory, Leah, Rebecca, Menachem, of blessed memory, Miriam (who gave this testimony), Eleazar, Shulamit.

ID number of Eliezer Mizrahi the brother: 003 601 309

ID number of sister Leah: 003 601 267

Miriam Graf