Miriam (Taus) and Moshe Amrani

My father brought Esther together with my brother Yitzhak to Poriya hospital. After vomiting and diarrhea she received treatment and her situation improved. My father requested to take her home and he was told that she should remain there under supervision.

In the morning, when my father came to take them he was told that they died suddenly and without prior incidents. My father fainted on the spot. They sent away my father, who didn't speak the language well, without a death certificate and without her body, after my father requested to bury my sister. He was told that they already buried her “behind the hospital” during the night and they shouted at him to go back home…

Both my brother Yitzhak and my sister Esther “died” in a sudden manner and my father did not receive any document or record of illness in relation to the two of them and they did not allow my father to see their bodies.

Immediately after this my mother entered a phase of anxiety and depression, and they rushed to leave Kiryat Shmona immediately for Tel Aviv, so that over there, “they won't kidnap their children.”

Today, we have their death certificates – but for some reason the date of death for Yitzhak was changed to 1957 and on Esther's it was written that she had died in the Tsfat hospital in 1961.

I wish to note that according to their record of illness, the bodies of both children were opened up without parental consent and without their knowledge.

Have documents or answers been received with the passing of the years?

I recall that in the early 1970s we received to our home a enlistment order naming my brother Yitzhak Amrani, and there came an election notice naming Esther in the late 1970s.

To my dismay, we have not found it. My parents were very shocked and took it very hard. I live with the sense that my parents suffered and did not enjoy their lives. Until 2008 we didn't even know of this phenomenon.

It should be noted that my parents did not receive any document, death certificate, or record of illness at the time of my siblings' death. Only recently when we the sisters requested a death certificate and record of illness did we receive fabricated and incorrect documents, which appear edited.

Ronit Schwartzberg (Amrani)

Both my brother Yitzhak and my sister Esther had “died” suddenly, overnight, and my father did not receive any document or record of illness, and was not allowed to see their bodies. They were both buried that very same night, the hospital claimed.