Shulamit and Shalom Melamed (Mua'lem)

According to the mother’s testimony, which was delivered to the Kedmi committee:

The boy, Yosef Melamed, was born in the year 1947 to parents Shalom and Shulamit. When he was one and a half years old, he became ill and was sent to Hadassah hospital in Tel Aviv together with his mother. The nurses there pleaded with the mother to return home so that she could care for her older daughter. On Saturday night, when the mother came to visit Yosef, she was told that Yosef was dead. When she asked to see the body, she was told that the boy was already buried. On Sunday, they took her to the grave of her husband (who was killed four months earlier) and told her that the baby was buried next to his father. The mother did not believe it. Years later, she received a draft notice in the name of her son Yosef.