Shimon Shershevski

Shimon Shershevski served as an administrative director at Wizo "Mother and Child" Daycare (Mossad), Tel Aviv, during the period 1953-1975. In his testimony before the Cohen-Kadmi Committee, he consistently claims that he does not remember relevant facts, and almost no detail of the Daycare's conduct. (The Committee's investigators question repeatedly how is it possible not to remember a single detail, having been the director). According to him, he was not interested and did not bother with the children at all. In all matters pertaining to the children, head nurse, Rela Ben-Yaakov, was in charge. He claims not to recall any Yemenite children, or any other children except those that the City referred to the Mossad (Daycare).

The Committee Attorney presents him with his signature on letters addressed to various parties that prove his involvement in administrative matters pertaining to children: Food cards, registration of birth, and the like. The attorney also presents him with signed documents proving the presence of children from Rosh Ha’ayin in the Mossad. He displays indifference and claims that he may have signed letters without checking their content.

Persisting in his claim of no contact with other Wizo institutions, he denies having any idea where the children went after they grew up. According to his testimony, he was not involved at all in issues of adoption from the Mossad, and knew nothing about it. If there were any, the City would have been responsible for them. He, as director of the institution, did not bother with the registration of children. The Committee's attorney presents him with documents in which personal details of children who were candidates for adoption were redacted and instead of a last name the word 'Ametz' (meaning “adopt) was inserted. When the Committee's attorney confronted him with head nurse, Rela Ben- Yaakov’s testimony that many children were given up for adoption right from the Mossad, that some children were pre-marked for adoption, he claimed he was not aware of this.

In general, Shershevski stated that until a year or two prior to his testimony, he had not heard at all about child abductions, and this despite the fact that the investigators of the Bahlul-Minkovski Committee, the first government committee to investigate the issue, searched documents with a warrant in the institution he managed. He insists he knows nothing about the documents found which show that children from the entire country were placed with "Mother and Child" under his management, and were adopted from there.

His testimony: State Investigation Committee, 26.3.97. Starting from p. 100 of the report (p. 12706).