Shalom and Sarah Briamian

These are the details of my brother David Brahamian, who was born on September 3, 1953, ID number 051855971, at Asaf Harofe hospital, Beer Yaakov and who was kidnapped from Tel Hashomer hospital in 1954.

My mother gave birth to a beautiful, fair skinned child with blue eyes who was hospitalized because he caught a cold. My mother was told that he recovered and that he could be discharged the following day and so she and my father came the next day and were told that their son had died. My parents did not believe this at all, they cried and screamed but it didn't help them; My father was provided with a sack, which was filled with cotton wool, because he didn’t know Hebrew and didn't know how to express his frustration.

From this day forward they felt as if their life had collapsed, because David was the son born after four boys who died in Persia because of the tough situation there, the reason that they made Aliyah with their four daughters in 1952. My mother became sick and myself and my brother Aharon were born into a painful reality. My mother became sick and died in deep sorrow because she felt and knew that her son was alive. My father also did not accept David's death, and died a few years after.

A few years ago I decided to look into the subject, and I received a birth certificate and a death certificate, indicating that he died in 1962. I was amazed. Checking with the religious council and the Rabbinate I was sent to Tiberias, Ramle and Jerusalem and of course there is no record of the death, no grave stone or place of burial.

I spoke with Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu at the time and he encouraged us and told us to continue the search, not to give up. I have tried all the channels but so far everything remains murky. And now you, the Amram association, are trying to expose the darkness that is a part of the lives of many families, and for that I bless you that you shall succeed in your efforts to bring the truth to light. God bless you and reward you, Amen.

Attached hereby are pictures of my late parents and also the sisters and the brother of our family.

With deep appreciation

Please let us know if further details are found
Shoshi, representative of the family.