Rumia and Yihia (Zecharia) Hadad

The parents immigrated in 1949 to Beit Lid. My father, Yihia, immigrated from Yemen with the boy Yihia. The boy was about seven years old. They were in the transit camp in Pardesiya. He was playing with another boy his age and he fell and complained of headaches. They took him to the hospital in Netanya, my father and my sister. A few days later they went to see how the boy was doing and they were told, “The boy died; we made an announcement in the camp that Yihia son of Yihia was dead.” “Where is his body?” – “We buried it.” My father was deeply faithful and to him, everything was in the hands of The Holy One. He did not like to speak of the topic. Even when the subject arose, my father would not discuss it.