Sultana and Nourallah Kairi

My name is Reuven Gad, formerly Kairi. My parents’ names: Sultana and Nourallah Kairi.

My sister, Rina Kairi, was born on February 17, 1962 at Kaplan Hospital. At the age of 3 months, Rina became ill. At the time, my parents and brother (I was not yet born) lived in Moshav Arugot. My mother hospitalized her at Kaplan Hospital, and after a few days she got well (my mother was told that the child had returned to health, and to come pick her up). They had shaved her head. My mother asked, “Why did you shave her head?” And they answered, “What’s it to you? That’s not your daughter.” My mother was infuriated at the audacity. They said to my mother, “Well then, come back tomorrow and take her.” My mother arrived the next day and was told that Rina had died. There was no body. They told mother they had buried her already. My mother fainted on the spot.

Rina's identifying features: fair skin, light-brown/blond hair and green eyes.

Mom is still alive and waiting for her daughter.

Reuven Gad Keiri