Refael and Fortuna Ellarat

We immigrated from Tangier to Haifa on 49 and they moved us to Pardes Hannah after being in an immigration camp in Marseille. We moved to live in Jaffa in one of the houses that were abandoned by the Arabs. My mother got pregnant and approximately on 1950/1 at either Dajani or Tzahalon hospital. The child was born completely healthy and a little later the nurse came and told her that the baby was born dead. My mother had already breastfed the boy a few times and after a day or two they told her this. They didn’t give her any further details. They didn’t give anything, and these were hard times and so we didn’t give this more attention (mother had six more children and one of them died) and mother kept talking about this child and that he’s alive and nobody found any details about where the child is.

Did you try to find more information?

Yes, but no one gave us anything. Maybe there was information. We didn’t submit a complaint to the state inquiry committee.

Eliyahu Ellarat