Naomi Samuelov (Lachman) graduated from nursing school in October 1949, and was positioned at Rosh Ha’ain, where she worked until February 1950. She was a young nurse and treated children in severe states of diarrhea and malnutrition. She does not remember having any contact with the parents. She remembers many children dying (“they died like flies”), more than three-four children a day. It was hard for her. She does not remember how children were admitted to the hospital or released from it, but she states that there was a file attached to the bed of every child. Her husband was Dr. Shlomo Samuelov, who was a medical doctor at the camp. She remembers that some children got back on their feet after being treated, despite having arrived in a “terrible condition”. Although she testifies to “not having any contact with the parents”, she states that “the only thing [she] remember[s] from the parents is their faces stuck to the windows, in order to look inside”.

Naomi Samuelov testified before the committee on December 19th, 1996. Her testimony protocol is attached. Photo album of the Samuelovs and an interview with Neomi Samuelov to Hadassah newspaper can be found at “Israel Niglet La’ain” website.

In the photo above: Naomi Samuelov and a young girl next to a Hanukkah lamp at the Hadassah children hospital in Rosh Ha’ain. Image taken from the album “Naomi and Shlomo Samuelov”, “Israel Niglet La’ain” website.