Mousa and Mahfouza Eliyahu
  • Name of Child: Albert Eliyahu
  • Country of Origin: Egypt
  • Year of Kidnapping: 1957
  • Place of Residence: Ofakim
  • Complaint Submitted to a Committee: No

My parents immigrated to Israel in 1957 with Albert. They immigrated from Egypt via Greece, with five children, Albert was born in Greece.
On March 3, 1957, the whole family arrived in Israel.

My parents lived in the city of Ofakim. According to their testimony, they said that one day Albert did not feel so well, that was the beginning of the whole ordeal, but he was in a perfectly reasonable situation. The parents decided to take him to the hospital. We do not know how many days Albert was at the hospital, but my mother says she was told to leave Albert and come back and visit him only on the next day. When she arrived at the hospital the next day, she was told that Albert had died.

My mom didn't believe Albert passed away and always told us it wasn't true.
She did not see Albert's body, did not receive a death certificate and did not see a grave.
16 years later, we received an army recruitment order for Albert.