Toya and Aharon Mozika

My grandparents, Toya and Aharon Mozika (RIP), immigrated to Israel from Iraq in 1951 together with their children Rachel, Dalia, Ezra, Pinchas, Fouad and Shaul (Zamira, the younger sister, was born in Israel). The family, blessed with children, lived in the Bnei Zion immigration camp.

Fouad was 7 years old and felt unwell and had a fever, so he was admitted to a hospital near Tel Aviv—we are not sure if it was Tel Hashomer Hospital or Pardes Katz Hospital.

My grandparents were told that their son, Fouad, had passed away and they were not given information about the burial place. The parents looked for him in every hospital in the area and could not find him. The parents did not know Hebrew at that time and the other siblings were small children.

Years later, the army sent Fouad a conscription order and then my father wrote to the army that they were told that [Fouad] died in 1951 and that the Ministry of Interior was also updated.

Despite that, in the 80s we received a fake death certificate with a death date of 1964. That is, when he was supposed to be 20 years old.

We all hope that we will be able to find him. His parents are not alive, but his brothers are.

Rose Ben Aharon for the Mozika family