Mordechai and Ida (Saade) Bar Dror

Ida Bar Dror, 87 years old, immigrated to Israel from Casablanca, Morocco, together with her husband. In 1975 she came to “Hakirya” Hospital, to give birth to her youngest daughter. She says:

The girl was born normally and was a little small, and she was put in an incubator after being cleaned. I saw the girl, and I went to see her again the next day – I came in and saw the girl and everything was fine, and she was laughing, and happy.

When I went to bed the next day, I suddenly got a bad feeling and saw that something was wrong. The doctors put me into surgery and removed my uterus. I was in the operating room for many hours, and afterwards, I returned to the room to rest. When I returned, we did not find the girl in the room or in the incubator. I did not have the strength to speak, and the doctor did not answer again and again, even though I asked. My husband did not want to quarrel, because these Jews are my brothers.

In the end, they said the girl was dead, and did not give a death certificate, nor say where she was buried, or where she disappeared to. One nurse told me, “The girl is dead. What do you want, that they get her from the grave for you?” I told her, “Yes, I want to see!” They all ran away from me and disappeared. I also asked them for a birth certificate, and they refused to give it to me, and got me out of there. I remember they asked me how many children I have, and when I answered, they said, “Very nice, well done.”

My husband got sick because of it, and did not get up for a month, and I too was weak after the surgery. He told me he took the girl's disappearance to heart. He was with me throughout the surgery, and they took advantage of the fact that we did not notice what was going on, and were busy with the urgent surgery. My husband suffered until he died, and did not like us to mention the girl at all.

In the past few days, I have been told that whoever’s children have disappeared, can get money! I told the lady who told me this, “I'm ready to give you money myself, just give me my girl so I can hug her…“ Every time I see a boy or a girl, it comes back to me, as if it is the first time I see a baby.

I also had a case with the older daughter. When my other daughter fell and broke her legs in '56, I took her to “Assaf Harofe” Hospital, and they told me she was there, and that I should come and see her every day, until she recovered.

One day, I came back from the market, and found my mother-in-law who said, “They came with the girl, and took her back, because you were not here”.

I went to the hospital and asked for her, I was in the hospital from 9:00 or 10:00 until 16:00, and I was fighting with them to give me my girl. I quarreled with them for hours, and they threatened they would call the police. Cops came, and I explained to them what had happened, and that I was there for hours, and they were not giving me the girl and threatening to bring the police. Thanks to the officer, they brought me the girl immediately, and she was wearing clothes that were not mine, other nice clothes. I took her and fled from there.

Their daughter Simcha Golan says:

I was living in Tel Aviv (about 23 years old) when my mother gave birth, and I came to visit her in the hospital and see the girl. I got there, and I saw my older brother, and also the girl. We saw her when she was already out of the incubator, laughing, and moving, and cute, and looking perfectly healthy. I visited my mother, and later I was informed that they said that she died and my mother came back without the girl... Her name was Revital. They had already given her a name.

They were already confused by the surgery and the attitude towards them, and when they recovered, they were not given answers, even though they insisted.

My parents did not talk so much about it, only once a decade, it hurt them a lot and saddened them. Mother would wake up with nightmares ...