Miriam and Mehdi Danieli

In ‘53, my mother had a two-month-old baby with fever. She turned to a doctor, and he sent her to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem. She was asked to leave the girl and return in a few days. When she returned she was told that the girl had died. My parents, who were new immigrants and did not speak Hebrew well, did not simply accept the situation but they did not know what to do. And so the same thing happened with another daughter a year later. She was told that the girl had died. My mother and my father cried about this for many years. My mother always talked about how she did not receive a body to bury. Until the day she died, she always reminded us of these girls. We, the siblings, are troubled and pained by knowing that two sisters were taken from our parents. That’s why I ask today to search for them and find out the truth.

Tikva Malachi