Menachem and Hatun Menashe-Kvili

My parents immigrated to Israel, from Iraq, in 1951. We were at Sha’ar Ha’aliya, the immigrant absorption camp, for a few months. Later we were taken to a transit camp in Petah Tikva called Amishav. We were in tents. My late mother and my father went to run some errands and left the boy who was named Carmel with his grandmother to look after him. He the peel of a prickly pear and was hospitalized at Sarafand Hospital, which is today Assaf Harofeh.

My father visited him every day. One day my father came home and told us that tomorrow we can take Carmel home but unfortunately that day at midnight we were informed that he had died. My father wanted to take him to be burial but they told him they would take care of the matter.

We also showed up at the investigative committee that took place in Jerusalem, and it came to nothing. By the way, I found his file many years ago in the archive of Assaf Harofeh Hospital, and the file said he left the hospital. I asked the clerk there, What does it mean he left? Can a two-and-a-half-year-old child leave alone? And she told me to leave before she would be forced to call my older brother whom she knew. My brother asked me to leave and not to cause any embarrassments. When he got to the age of army recruitment, my parents received an enlistment order for him. They had already moved to Petah Tikva, and an army officer showed up to ask asked why he did not come to enlist. My mother and my older brother answered her asking, What could you possibly mean? They told the officer that the boy had died and she told them that she will check.

Since that time, we have had heard anything new until the recent outcry around this story. To my great sadness I have check in all the cemeteries and there is no such name. I thank you for your receptiveness I would be very happy if you will be in touch with me.