Margalit and Refael Ringakar-Ronen

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Twin girls were kidnapped from the Ringkar-Ronen family soon after its immigration to Israel from Iran. The official Investigation Committee (Kedmi; 1995) was also unable to find any trace of them.

Margalit gave birth in a hospital in Hadera, and during the first week of their lives she was not allowed to see or breastfeed them. The staff did, however, take her breast milk to feed the babies. She spent a week in the hospital in those conditions. She was then told to return to the transit camp, leave her daughters in the hospital for another week and come back. Margalit sensed that something was not right but she trusted the staff. Upon returning to the transit camp she heard rumors of babies being kidnapped and asked her husband to hurry back to the hospital. He did so and told her happily that he saw the cute babies. They had already picked names for them but could not register them since they were not with them yet. Their own daughters, yes?

Once the week was over Margalit wanted to go to the hospital, but she was told by the hospital’s representative at the transit camp (there was such a person) to call ahead. The parents made the call and the clerk who took it told them: ‘There is no point in coming over, one of the girls died this morning and the other died around noon’.

As mentioned above, both parents gave testimony at the Investigation Committee, which found no trace of any of the girls.