Malka and Meir Daniari

We immigrated from Iran in 51’. We settled in Nahariya and have been there ever since.

They told my mother that the little girl is very sick and that mother must take her to Rambam Hospital in Haifa from Nahariya. And there were closer hospitals. What was the reason for sending the baby all the way to Haifa? After all, if she was really ill, travelling in the difficult conditions of the time would not help her, so it was obvious that Haifa would not help her. Anyway, mother saw that the child was not in critical condition, but that’s what they told her so that’s what she did. My cousin – Sisma Shlomo – ten years old, accompanied her. They told mother go home, we will call you. Then after two or three days she received a telegram: the baby is dead, come.

She gets there and demands to see the baby and they try to make her give this up. Mother does not give up. Eventually, they assigned her some "gorilla", who rudely lead her quite a distance away to a large hangar, opened a door, and inside it was pitch black. And mother, to whom accompanying him was an immoral act, did not agree to enter the darkness with him. He rudely tried to cause her discomfort. Mother had to give up because of the brutal treatment she received and returned home.

This has not left my parents since then, and they talked about it all the time. Mother waited until age 91 and believed.

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