Yitzhak (Salim) and Juliet Nissim

My mother, Juliet Nissim, immigrated to Israel from Iraq in April 1950 and met my father, Yitzhak Salim Nissim, who had resided in Israel from 1945.

In January 1951, my mother gave birth to a daughter in Bikur Cholim Hospital.

My father ran a produce market in Mea Shearim and could not leave his store, so my brother, Eliahu, accompanied my mother to the hospital.

My mother gave birth to a girl.

My brother saw her and says she had light skin with clear and bright eyes. A beautiful girl.

My father who later went to visit my mother, also stated that the girl was very beautiful.

The day after the birth, my father who spoke Hebrew was informed that his daughter died.

My father was a devout man, who kept the Torah and the commandments. So he asked to bury his child according to Jewish custom.

He was told the girl died and had been taken care of.

Since then, this story has troubled my parents and the rest of my family.

For many years ,we wanted to turn to someone in order to find out what happened to my sister. We did not know where to begin. We don’t have any relevant documents,

Any paperwork that we can rely on.

My mother always knew that her daughter was alive. She had the intuition of a mother. Beyond that, we never learned what happened to her.

If you have any leads as to her whereabouts or story and can help, you will be doing a great kindness to my dearly departed parents.

We will forward all the information we have to you. Anything you require, will be done.

I would like to thank you in advance, first of all, on behalf of my parents, who are no longer alive, may they rest in peace, and on behalf of the rest of my family, may they be healthy.

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