Haya and Itamar Ben-Sade

My name is David Ben-Sade. I would like to tell you about the ordeal my family went through. And I bring it up it now in response the storm happening around the country. Due to the affair of the kidnappings of the children of Yemen and the East.

On January 11th 1946 my parents, Haya and Itamar Ben Sade had twins. 2 boys. Myself, David Ben Sade, and my brother. Our residence was in Tel Aviv on Neve Sha’anan street. (It’s still unclear why we were born in Rehovot, as there were birthing centers in the Kirya in Tel Aviv).

Over the years as I grew-up my parents told me that in fact I am the twin brother to a child that was born with me, but immediately after the delivery my mother was told one of the boys died as a result of an illness. And so I remained an only child to my parents.

In response to my mother’s request to see the dead infant, she was told he was buried immediately in a mass grave.

About twenty years ago we started inquiring and investigating the affair. It turned out that the birthing center that my mother gave birth in Rehovot doesn’t exist. We were referred to the archive of the Kaplan hospital in Rehovot.

In the archive I found a binder “childbirth intake” and there I found a certificate stating: “Ms. Haya Ben Sade went into delivery and gave birth to twins. Paid 6 liras [Israeli pound] and left the hospital with one child.

I beg you to address this strange affair in every possible way and to update me with any information you upload.

Thank you in advance,

David Ben Sade