Haviva and Salman Cohen

We are searching for our brother who was born in mid-December 1951 in a hospital in Hadera. A day after his birth our mother was told that he died, however we believe that he was taken for adoption. Attached are pictures of us five siblings from a passport photo on the immigration document to Israel from Iraq (some had blond / light brown hair as children) and current photos of the siblings today, if there is a similarity and the date of birth is relevant, please contact us. You would be 64, three years younger than Asher and a year older than Motti (who was also born in Hadera in 1953). As I understood from my mother, my grandfather was positioned at the hospital to protect me from another kidnapping (and so it is that I can search for you today...). Please share this post as much as possible and with the press of a button help us find our lost brother.