Haninah and Jacob Cohen

My parents emigrated from Tunisia to Israel, living first in the transit camp in Beit Shemesh and then in an Amidar apartment. We were the first triplet to be born in Israel. We were born at Hadassah Ziv Hospital in Jerusalem on August 15, 1959. Our parents had other children, of course. There is a picture of three babies in an incubator. I (Hadassah), Yafa, and Mother holding Itzik in her arms (he was the biggest baby). Yafa and I were in the incubator for 30 days. One day, Father came to take us away and only Isaac and I were there. “Where is the third baby?” Father asked. They told him she had died. We found no information with Chevra Kadisha [the Jewish burial society] and clearly there is no death certificate.

Hadassah Misk (Cohen)