Hanina and Useif Bukharis
  • Country of Origin: Tunisia
  • Year of Kidnapping: 1949
  • Complaint Submitted to a Committee: No

A sad story about a girl who was kidnapped while her parents were in the process of immigrating to Israel.

Since the whole issue of kidnappings began before the 1950s, it is not impossible that the same "establishment gang" was responsible/covered up and concealed it in this case as well.

Here is the story:

Mazel Bukharis, a two and a half year-old girl, was born in Djerba, the only child of her parents, Hanina and Osseif Bukharis, who had since passed away.

The girl has a birthmark, a stain on her stomach.

They immigrated to Israel immediately after Passover 1949. On their way to Israel, they passed through the Marseille immigrant camp near France.

Her aunt, Leah (her mother's sister), now lives in Beer Sheva, says that on that cursed day she held her and watched over her. The girl sang and danced and looked like there was nothing wrong with her.

Later the girl vomited so they took her to the local clinic.

Her father said that he spoke to the girl when she was in the clinic, after receiving treatment, and she asked him to bring her water.

He brought her water. Half an hour later, the parents were informed that she had passed away. They asked to see a body and received the strange answer that there is no body.

The mother began crying out loud and was taken out of the clinic.

What happened there later, I, who tell the story, do not know..

Finally, the parents immigrated to Israel and the saddest thing is that they had no children after that.

The parents passed away in Israel.

The Lord, the God of great counsel, will do justice and send peace to the aching souls.