Hadassah and Moshe Dannenberg

I was born in 1932 at Hadassah Hospital in Tel Aviv. Later we moved to Haifa and I got married in Haifa. I gave birth to all the children in Rothschild. Ten children and she is the number eleventh, in Rothschild. I thank God that my child was born in a good and easy birth. Healthy and whole Twins. Her twin came out first, and the second was born smaller 1.9 kilos. We named her Kohava. During the two weeks after the birth I went to Rothschild, pulled my breasts and give milk in a bottle and gave it to the baby clinic nurse. She does not let me even in the room. They did not let me see her since her birth. But I would give the baby milk. Suddenly, after two weeks a police man comes up to me saying who it Dannenberg, I told him what you want? He said the child died. Just like that. I panicked. I asked what do you mean she died, where is the body? Bring the body, I want to bury her. He did not say anything. Did not bring a certificate or anything and I do not know his name. I have not heard anything since. She's dead, dead, dead. It cannot be. I am a clever woman. I know she's not dead. I want to see her alive, healthy. Only to see her. She is not that old. Her twin sister is alive.