Yehudit and David Gerufi Gafni

My mother Yehudit, may her memory be a blessing, and my father David, may he live a long life, immigrated to Israel from Yemen in 1949 during Operation Magic Carpet. They married in Israel, and lived in Rishon LeZion—the Gordon housing projects—and had children in this order:

1963 - the eldest son - Rafi

1966 - Ilana

1967 - Aharon

On 10/04/1969 a son was born to my parents in the seventh or eighth month, alive, healthy, and all in one piece, at Assaf Harofeh hospital. The following day my parents were told that he had died. Attached are exact dates and times in my father’s handwriting.

1970 - Shoshana

1972 - the twins Liat and Ze’ela

Further details:

For all we know we did not receive a draft notice for him. Father says he was so healthy, they even decided to call him Shlomo. The next day they announced he had died and they did not show my mother and father anything. No body, no death certificate, no grave, no cause of death. The more the years pass my father doesn’t remember things as well—he is now over 80 years old.

My father is a very naïve and honest person, in a very apparent way. He is a special man, may he live a long life.

My mother also was a dear, good, and naïve woman. She died in April 2016, may her soul be bound up in the bond of life.

After checking with the Assaf Harofeh Hospital, we were given two documents in total:

In the documents are details which match the 7th month birth.

If you look carefully at the attached document you can see that in the document called "The Births Book" it says he weighed 1.650 kg and in the document "Summary of Disease," it says 1.050 kg.

My sister phoned the Ministry of the Interior to request a death certificate or any document regarding the case and was told that there is no such document.

Ze’ela Uzi