Georgia and Abraham Sasson

My name is Tzila Reyvit, daughter of Abraham and Georgia Sasson. We immigrated to Israel from Iraq via Tehran in 1950, on an El Al airplane. When we landed, we were taken to the Sha'ar Ha'aliyah transit camp. We were then moved to Azarya, a moshav near Ramla. In March 1951, I reckon, we had a new baby sister, a real beauty with golden locks of hair. She was named Carmela Sasson, daughter of Abraham.

When she was about two years old, she had a fever and was taken to the Sarafand hospital, now called Zrifin or Assaf Harofe.

Two days later, my father took me to the hospital to visit Carmela but she was not in her bed. My dad asked where the child was and was told she had died. When he asked why she died, he did not get an answer.

My parents did not see a body, and I do not remember any funeral taking place. My parents, may they rest in peace, sat shiva and mourned her death, and there was nothing more to it.

We have recently checked with the rabbi of the Gezer regional council's cemetery, where the people of Azarya are also buried, and he said he had no record of a deceased by the name of Carmela Sasson. Not on his computer, nor on the map of the cemetery or in handwritten records.

We did find a record at the Ministry of Interior about a person by name of Carmela Sasson, daughter of Abraham and Georgia, who was born approximately on the same day, and according to that record that person is alive. She lives on Sha'ariyah street in Petah Tikva. There was no further information. When we asked for her death certificate, we were told that there was none in the Ministry.

I hope this saga will be over.


Carmela's sister,

Tzila Reyvit, daughter of Abraham Sasson