Emil Haim and Fanny Cohen

The family emigrated from Morocco through the port of Marseille and came to Israel on January 12, 1949. The family was sent to the immigrants camp in Lod. The family consisted of:

Father - Emil Chaim Cohen, born 1919.

Mother - Rachel Cohen, born 1927.

Daughter - Elise Cohen, born 1947.

Daughter - Susan Cohen, born 1945.

Daughter - Fanny Cohen, born 1947 - the long-lost daughter.

After several months in Israel, baby Fanny, who was six months old, developed a fever and a rash on her body. The mother took the baby daughter to the Sarafand Hospital. They were told that the baby will need to be hospitalized in order to protect the mother, who was at the early stages of a pregnancy at the time. As far as is known, the diagnosis was chickenpox.

After several days the mother went back to the hospital and was told by the nurse that the baby had died. She was told that the hospital will perform the burial and that she should give the nurse money to pay for the burial. Because she did not have any money, the nurse asked for the gold jewelry she had on her hands. So it proceeded and the mother was then thrown out of the hospital.

After 40 days of mourning the family returned to Morocco, filled with sadness and great sorrow, from the country that did not allow parents to bury their daughter in a dignified manner.