Dr. Shterk

According to the investigation of Moshe Edelstein, the administrative director of the WIZO (Women's International Zionist Organization) Institute in Jerusalem on Akiva St. (1972-1949), there was a doctor in Jerusalem during the Mandate years named Dr. Shtark, who was a gynaecologist with a private clinic, and who used to "arrange adoptions" for private individuals. According to Edelstein's testimony, the same Dr. Shtark used to "store" children in the Wizo institution, until he sold them. He made this arrangement with the director of the institution before Edelstein was appointed, Edelstein, who mentioned that he stopped this practice when he became the director of the institution

Also, the report further elaborates on Edelstein's testimony: "He claimed that the doctor used to visit the hospital from time to time, supposedly to visit Edelstein, but in fact he had other intentions, which Mr. Edelstein was unwilling to specify/ describe"

(Report no 18 by Got Ben-Asher)