The testimony of the sister, Rachel Asulin

On 16.9.50 my mother gave birth to a baby boy at “Bikur Cholim” hospital, in Jerusalem.

According to the story we heard at home from my mother, she got to the hospital by bus from Ein Karem. She gave birth to a baby boy weighing 4kg. She remembers they gave him eye drops, cleaned him and dressed him up.

The next day a nurse came into her room, and instead of giving her the baby, asked her - “How many children do you have at home”? She replied “Three” so the nurse said “enough. the child is dead.” My mother came to Israel that same year. She did not speak Hebrew so she just screamed.

When my father came to take her home, they notified him the boy had died. They left the hospital all alone.

My father believed his son died, my mom did not believe it. My mother cried at night for years, and we always knew the boy did not die.

Some years later, when the boy was supposed to be around 7 or 8 years old, my mother saw a woman in Ein Karem, a blonde, with a dark haired kid, who looked like my siblings. She stared at her and the woman realized something was up, and immediately got on the bus. My mother could not let go of this feeling for years.

I knew throughout the years, that I have another brother, and that he needs to be found. When I first heard about the abducted Yemenite children, I told my mother that there is truth to her story. That she was right.

My mother was nine months pregnant and not six months pregnant, as it was written in the death certificate. She testified that she arrived in an ambulance, but logically, during the 50’s there were no telephones, so how could she call an ambulance? It makes more sense she took the bus.

All of my mom’s children were born around the same weight, 4 kg.

Ein Karem was a suburb outside the city, so the bus would stop there twice a day.

My mother appeared in front of the commission and gave testimony. We only received the death certificate after the commission's inquiry, and apparently, a birth certificate too. The cause of death that is written in the certificate - The child was born prematurely.

The testimony of the mother, Olga Deri

According to the testimony protocol, she said she arrived at the hospital in an ambulance, and saw with her own eyes, when they weighed him, that the child was 4.400 kg.m, they washed him and put clothes on him, gave him eye drops, and wrapped him up. Olga testified that afterwards, they took him to the maternity ward, and she has not seen him since.

Olga tells in her testimony, about the conversation she had with the nurse that came to her: “How many children do you have?” said the nurse. I told her “three” so she told me “No, you don’t need it.. Ehh.. The child is dead”

The file from Cohen-Kedmi Committee

The file from Shalgi Committee