Dina Cohen

My aunt, Dina Cohen, was born as a twins. Her twin was called Moshe Cohen. They were born on April 9th, 1951 at the Gretel Mayer Maternity Hospital in Nahariya. Her parents, my grandmother and grandfather, Sara and Daniel Cohen made aliya from Tunisia in 1950 and lived in the Nahariya ma’abara. According to the testimony of the abductee's sisters, Miriam (RIP) and *Marcelle, Moshe and Dina stayed at a Wizo nursery in Nahariya during the day and were completely healthy. In August 1951, the *daycare center informed them that the children had diarrhea and recommended them to take them to Rambam Hospital in Haifa. The family visited them every day. On the fourth day of their hospitalization, Dina was already almost completely healthy, Moshe was sicker than her. On the fifth day of their stay in the hospital, when their parents came to visit them, they did’t find Dina. They were told that she passed away. They did not show them a death certificate, neither a body nor a grave. When it concerns my grandmother and us, she is still alive and this sorrow accompanied her until her last day.

Over the years, the family members submitted complaints and letters to the various authorities and searched for her, but they encountered many obstacles. At some point, my mother, Marcelle - Dina's sister – received a call from a person who introduced himself as being working at the prime minister's office, claiming that Dina was dead and urging us to stop investigating and "leave the issue". Despite this, over the years we received indications that she was still alive, the family hired private investigators who brought up various findings, some of which we could not check/verify. According to the information provided to us in 2013 from the private investigator hired by the family, Dina was adopted by a Jewish orthodox couple from the UK, however, an inquiry we made at the office for child services teaches that there is no adoption file under her name. We just want to know what happened to her, she may have moved to Quebec and we are looking for her .

Additional details mentioned by Dina's sister, *Marcelle, in her application to the committee:

Dina was born with a birthmark in the shape of a bunch of grapes on her neck, this mark may still be there. The doctor who treated her in Rambam is Dr. Thomas Filler from Haifa. In the record we received from our health insurance it was stated that Dina left or immigrated from the country on July 1963. We have in our possession a form from “Kupat Holim Klalit” from 1994 under the name of my sister Dina. All the materials were transferred to the investigation committee.