Yedida and Aharon Cohen
  • Country of Origin: Yemen
  • Year of Kidnapping: 1950
  • Place of Residence: Zavdiel
  • Complaint Submitted to a Committee: No

My name is Yocheved Bismut. Both my sisters were kidnapped. My parents' names are Yedida and Aharon Cohen.

The first sister that was taken is Ziona. She was taken from the children's house at the absorption camp in Rosh Ha'ayin in 1949. She survived the journey from Yemen and, as my mother told it, if she had survived the hardships she couldn't have passed away. My mother visited her each day, from beyond a glass window, until one day she arrived there and didn't see her. She was called to the office where she was told that the baby had passed away. My father requested to bury her and the response was that she had already been buried.

The second sister was kidnapped in 1950 from Moshav Zavdiel by a nurse claiming that the hut is too hot and that the child has a fever. My mother visited her several times and saw that she was doing well. She saw her through a glass window, and again, after several visits, when she came to visit her, she was told that [the child] had died. There was a scandal at home; my father didn't understand what is going on and was very angry at mom that she didn't look after her and, what’s more, why did she agree to give the child to the nurse in the first place. They asked to bury her, but were told that she had already been buried. When Dina reached the age of joining the army, we received draft order, and my father was delighted to have a sign of life from my sister and sent my two older brothers to check it out. However, they were told it was a mistake. My father didn't talk about the tragedy, feeling shame and pain that he didn't look after them. And my mother didn't let go, always told us about them lest we forgot, and so that we remember, for if they show up one day, we will know.